Ghost Files

I am really sorry if this has been answered already. I use a Mac (and ITunes) to store my music. I am able to connect and drag and drop files without any problem. However, when I drop files on to my Fuze I always get 2nd ghost like duplicate file.


01 mysong.mp3

when I drop my song into the music file it goes perfectly but also in the file is a second version of the song that looks like this: 

_01mysong.mp3 (There is also a dot in front of the file name.)

How can I stop this from happening? While the Fuze skips over my “ghost” files…they do take up precious space. The only way I can get these ghost files out of the Fuze is to reformat it…everytime. 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. If I am just labeling the files wrong then let me know that too.