i got the new update for sansa fuze 4gb and my fuze wont turn on and i try to connect it to the computer an it wont still turn on. please help me

Hold the power button in the on position for 15-20 seconds.

k let me try

it says free 90mb of music BD or something like tht but when i connect to computer it wont read it

is thier a hard reset

the player’s memory is so full that it cannot recreate the database file needed so the clip can display the list of songs.

you can connect the player on force MSC by putting the player on hold and pressing and holding the center button while connecting to the computer.  once the player is detected, you can either delete a few files or format the player.

hope this will work for you.

iam about to try it out but my player doesnt even turn on anymore and my fuze is 4gb an i havent used all the memeroy


sorry for any errors

ok i tried it and it doesnt work my fuze won’t even turn on. someone plz help me!

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Try to reset the player by pressing and holding the power button for about 15~25 seconds.  after that, try to turn on again the player.  if this fails, you may need to contact sandisk to request for replacement.

Sounds like you may have got a firmware corruption.  You can try recovering your device by forcing it to connect in MSC mode:

  • Place the Power switch in Hold position.

  • Press and hold the Back button (|<<) while connecting to the PC.

If your device can connect this way, then you can hopefully recover your data and then format it to undo the firmware change.

like i said before it won’t even turn on, not even if i plug it in to the computer. but i will try it

nope it doesn’t work

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Contact SanDisk support, I think the number is 1-866-sandisk.  Maybe they can help you, if not, they can RMA it and get you a new one.


do i need proof of purchase for this?

Not necessarily, the serial # also has the manufacture date in it, and if it is new enough it will be under 1 year since it was made, otherwise you might need the receipt.

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my serial number on the back is off. my fuze feel out of my pocket and it scratched the number off and the big scratch made the numbers fall out

You don’t have proof of purchase and somehow the serial number disappeared…in other words you have a refurb, no warranty.

Call 1-866-SANDISK and see if they can help you on the phone.

one more question you think i can get a replace?

i bought it new like in december  of 2008

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If you call them and talk to the really, really politely they might. However, if you don’t have a receipt, don’t have the serial number, and didn’t register it on their website back when you first got it… well, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

k thnx for everyones help i will call and i think i did register it i dont remeber lol but thnx for everyones help

I think proof of purchase might still be required for replacment under the warranty, but even if the serial number is un-readable on the back plate, it is stored digitally on the player itself. I believe if you connect to your computer in MTP mode it will be shown under Properties in Windows Explorer.