Help--what is first step

I have just gotten a 4gb Fuze, but don’t know what the little CD is for. It isn’t a regular size CD, so what is it for? Do I need a regular CD for installation or do I just plug this into my USB to charge and then start purchasing music? The instructions are a bit vague for a non techy.


You don’t need the CD to use the Fuse!  Just plug it in and let your OS do it’s thing!  Windows Media Player 11 to rip and add music… You may want to go into the fuze menu and format the unit first to add space… Great choice!!  Have fun with it!  Just love mine! George

Thanks George.

Format the unit? Could probably find that information by searching the forum? Do I need to de anything special to it when I purchase from different sites?

Sorry, I see “formatting the player.” Home, settings, system settings, format, and yes to format. Is it easier to do this through Windows Media Player? I have only used the Windows Media Player to play some CDs on the computer. I have XP and Media Player 11.

Okay then!  Welcome to the board, and to all things Sansa!

I would have a listen to a few tracks with the Fuze first.  They were loaded for you to enjoy playing with the device before having to load anything.  Try the FM radio, and get accustomed to navigating around on the Fuze.

The video is cool, but the sound portion of the sample video is lackluster.  To load videos, you’ll need the Sansa Media Converter, available in the Fuze General Information thread.

In this same thread, there’s a link to the User Guide.  This guide shows the basics of loading music to your new toy.

And that’s not all!  In the thread here, Firmware 01.01.15 there is a link to the Sansa Updater, an application that automatically updates the firmware to the newest version, that will even update the startup screen to the new Sansa logo. 

The latest firmware, the operating program that runs the Fuze, just came out this past weekend. 

It’s simple to update manually as well, by following the directions in the thread, but it’s up to you whether to update right away, and whether you use the automatic updater or manually install.

I’d get acquainted with the Fuze for a little while first.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask here.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, I have made progress. I formatted the Fuze, updated the firmware and have some songs stored. I am confused as to how to save mp3 files. What is the best method to do this. I have them saved on my hard drive, but not sure how to get them into Windows Media Player. I tried creating them in Media Player, but all I get is the name and no files. Is there something I am missing? Do I need to convert the mp3 file to something else or is there a simplier method

In my Music List, I see Play all, recentely added, artists, albums, songs…Is there anyway to set up my songs in folder of the album or does this just run them all together on the one list. Guess I am trying to figure out out to organize them.