im a new begginer on setting things up and im trying to set up my new sansa fuze…but 4 a begginer on this i dont think this website helps me…it doesnt sceam out!! and give me spesific information on what i need to do in order to set my sansa fuze up…thats the only thing i have a problem with this…my advice would be to help begginers like me to be able to look on your home page and know what to do immediatley!


First thing is to connect the player to the pc for a few hours to charge it. Next gather together music to put on it. If you have music CDs, then use Windows Media Player(already on your pc) to make mp3 files from the CDs. Start Windows Media Player, click on the rip tab, then set the format at mp3 and click the rip tab again and set the bitrate at 192 or 256(higher bitrate means better sound quality, but then the player holds fewer songs). You can click the rip tab again to specify where you want the mp3 files to go on your pc and other preferences. Make sure to be connected to the net while ripping the CDs and making mp3 files, so that Windows Media Player can get the tag data from the net(tag data is artists name, song name, album name, etc.). You might want to delete the sample music and videos from the player before adding your music. The fastest way to do this is to format the player using the players menu. After you have made a bunch of CDs into mp3 files, you can then find them in Windows Explorer or my computer, highlight them, then right click and click on copy. Then find the Fuze’s music folder in Windows Explorer and right click on it and click paste.

Wasn’t that easy?

Here is their user’s manual if you didn’t see the link already - it cleared up a whole lot of my newbie questions yesterday -