Looking for help with getting music files onto my Fuze

Hi there,

I have a pink sansa fuze that is about 2 years old.  Before I had my fuze, I had a black Sansa.  I used the Sansa downloader powered by Rhapsody (from the black Sansa) to get all my music onto my Fuze.  But since then, I have not downloaded any music and my computer has been wiped.  I have the media converter, which works fine, but I can’t figure out how to get new music onto my fuze.  I guess what I’m asking is what application, program, or software should I be using to get music onto my  fuze mp3 player.  I still have the disk that came with it, but it keeps trying to direct me to a Best Buy music store which ends up not being able to be loaded.  Thanks so much for any assistance.  

You don’t need ANY application. If you go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC, the Fuze will look like two flash drives–internal memory and card slot–and you can drag and drop music onto it.

Or you can put it in MTP mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) and use Windows Media Player the way you were using Rhapsody, to sync, etc. You need WMP 10 or above. Check what version is on your computer (under Help/About Windows Media Player) and go to support.microsoft.com if you need a newer one.

Or you could go to www.Rhapsody.com and get the newer Rhapsody. Make sure you’re not signing up for the subscription service, just getting the software. 

Or you can go to www.mediamonkey.com and get the free version. Or you can go to www.winamp.com and get the free version. 

Shoulda never went with a pink Fuze. Nothin’ beats basic black! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Best Buy music store/software/managing utility is history, done, finito, no more, that’s all folks.

Pink goes beautifully with Ashyb’s skin tone.