Help with new fuze!!

I’ve just bought a fuze from best buy and I tried to download the disk that came withit so that I could download music front the best buy store powered by rhapsody. For some reason, it would not complete installation on my laptop. Also, I tried to download music from my PC. Some music did download, but others did not even though they show up on the fuze, but even then it just flashes different number of tracks of the songs but ican never play them. My PC shows that these songs have been synced, but I cannot get them to play and I am just don’t know what to do! Somebody pls HELP!!! Oh yeah, by the way, I am VERY technically challanged, so any information that can be put into the simplest terms would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanx!

Since none of the songs you put on the Fuze will play, let’s start again from scratch.

Go to Settings and then Format, and go ahead and format. That will erase all the useless songs and leave the Fuze the way it came out of the box. 

Now let’s try an experiment. Go to Settings/USB mode and put the Fuze in MSC mode. Do you have any plain old .mp3 files on your computer?  If not, go to Spinner and download a freebie. Connect the Fuze, look in My Computer or Computer and you should see two new drives for the Fuze. Copy the mp3 into the first one alphabetically, either into a New folder you can name or just onto the driveletter. (The first one is the Fuze itself, the other one is the microSD slot.)

Disconnect and see if the song shows up and plays. That should tell us if the Fuze is able to connect to the computer. You can always go into MSC mode and just drag-and-drop songs onto it. You can also buy albums of mp3s from places like Amazon and eMusic, which is probably the best way to buy digital music because there are no further hassles. 

But if you want to use one of those online services like Rhapsody, it gets a little more complicated, because the music companies don’t want to you have files you can just copy like mp3s. Go back into Settings/USB mode and switch to MTP. This is the mode that lets Windows Media Player send ultra-secret hush-hush encrypted digital rights information along with the song.  You need Windows Media Player 10 or 11, so if your computer is old, you may need to get a newer version of WMP from Microsoft. Check your WMP version. But if you’ve got 10 or 11, connect the Fuze and see if WMP detects it. Then send over a song or two and see if they play. 

And on to Rhapsody. You may need to be the Administrator on your computer to install Rhapsody. Try this page at Rhapsody to get started. It probably runs through MTP mode, because it also has to transfer digital-rights junk. 

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