Newbie question about getting stuff onto my Fuze.

This is my first real mp3 player, and I’m a little confused about how all the synching and stuff works. What I have done so far is to use WMP 11 to rip some CDs to my My Music folder on my laptop. I don’t have any playlists setup. I’d just like to get these albums that I ripped onto my Fuze. What is intuitive to me is to be able to scroll thru my albums and just play one when the one I want comes up while scrolling. Can I do this on the Fuze, and if so, what steps are there to get these albums onto my Fuze so that they work like that? Sorry if I sound like a dunce - LOL.

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I use Winamp instead of WMP myself but I just opened up WMP, connected my Fuze and a dialog window popped up with instructions on how to sync the two, so maybe you should check that out.

As far as choosing tracks within Fuze, you can browse by artist name, album name, and genre so it should only take a few minutes to get play with and get used to.

I figured it out. I just went to the sync tab and dragged the albums I wanted to move over to the Fuze panel. It seemed to work without a hitch. Went to the Fuze->Music->Albums and there they were. Thanks for replying tho.