Getting music from the Media Player to the Sansa Fuze - it's so slooowwww

Okay, I ripped my CD collection into Media Player.  Took me quite a while as I didn’t realize how many CD’s I had and I wanted to only rip the songs I wanted to put on my Fuze.  Now I am syncing them onto the Sansa.  I highlighted all the songs and put them on the right side of the screen in the list of songs I wanted to sync.  But it’s been an hour and it’s only at 2% - is it supposed to be that slow?   It looks like it’s playing each of the songs on the bottom of the screen - is there a faster way? 

Are you sure you are not just playing the songs? They should zip right over. Do you have WMP 10 or 11? (Windows XP had WMP 9, which is too old.) 

You don’t really need WMP to send songs over. You can go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and switch to MSC. Then you can just drag and drop the songs over to the Fuze. You can use the Music folder or create your own folder(s). 

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