Need help with Media Player (latest version)

Well, I ripped my first two CDs onto the Windows Media player (11) and that went well. I synced them ('cause I cannot figure out how to drag and drop) and that went well. So I started ripping more CDs and got as far as doing 4 when a message came up and I inadvertantly deleted it. From then on it would show that I am ripping but not show titles on the songs OR the album. I went to the Media Player but couldn’t find how to remedy that problem. I would appreciate any help to get it back to where it is ripping CDs and showing the album name and song names. Judy (who’s snowed in and not liking it)

Are you connected to the net when ripping? The net connection is needed to get the tag data.

Click on the rip tab again, click on more options, then library, and make sure retrieve additional information from the net is checked, then click okay. I think this is the setting that tells it to get the tag data from the net? Copying files to the player with Windows Explorer is easy. Open Windows Explorer(right click on start, then click on explore). Find your music file under my documents, my music(or something similar). Find the folder with the music album in it. Right click on it and choose copy. Next find the Fuze’s music folder in Windows Explorer. Right click on it and choose paste.

Click on the rip tab and make sure the format is set to mp3. Click on it agian, and make sure the bitrate is set to 192 or 256.

Thanks JK98!!! Now it is working, except that I do not have any Sansa file on my computer unless I have the Fuze plugged in. But at least I can now rip and that is what I wanted. Thanks again! Judy