where are my songs?

I have copied files from windows media player to the fuze.  When I click the internal memory icon it shows that the songs are on the fuze but the songs are not there when I want to play them .  Does this even make sense???

Any help would be great!!

So your Music shows in windows explorer but not when you try to play them with the player? What file type are they?

Your songs probably aren’t properly tagged (some info on ID3 tags), causing them to be lumped together as “Unknown”. Use a program like MP3Tag to add the missing info.

Im not sure…I copied them for my daughter from her CD’s that she already has.

Ok. Find the songs on the computer, right click on one, go to properties, and then when that window opens look for where it says Type of File. Also with the player disconnected from the computer, If you see a screen that says Refreshing Database then wait, after that slide the power switch up and hold it for 15-20 seconds, then re start the player. When you disconnect from the computer did you see a little screen that said Refreshing Database?

It says they are WMA files…

The default for songs ripped by Windows Media Player from CDs is WMA protected. Protected files need to be transferred using Windows Media Player or some other Media Player and the player must be set to MTP mode so that the licenses transfer. If you try to drag and drop protected files to the player or use MSC mode, they won’t be playable on the player. Avoid these problems in the future by setting Windows Media Player to rip CDs to mp3 files rather than WMA files.

how do I change them to MP3 files?

your best bet would be to delete them and re-rip them to mp3 using WMP or whatever you like to use. If you are going to want to take advantage of gapless playback when/if that becomes available, you will need to find a program that uses the LAME codec for mp3.