Need help with ripping PLEASE!

Well, I uploaded my first two CDs onto the Windows Media player (11) and that went well. I synced them ('cause I cannot figure out how to drag and drop) and that went well. So I started ripping more CDs and got as far as doing 3 when a message came up and I inadvertantly deleted it. From then on it would show that I am ripping but there are no titles on the songs OR the album. I went to the Media Player but didn’t understand that. I would appreciate any help to get it back to where it is supposed to be. Judy (who’s snowed in and not liking it)

In Windows Media You can always right click in the area ie artist or album and a box will open that says edit. You will then have to type in the info. I have to do this if I rip a CD that I burned.

Typically the CDs are not encoded with album art, titles and other data.  They are simply sound files.  (from the early days when the CD format was established…before computers were popularly used for music)

So WMP establishes an automatic process whereby it “seeks” the data from a database on the internet.  It then fetches the data and downloads it in a few seconds.  You then see album art, author, titles and the oterh pertinent data.

There is a significant known bug in WMP which causes this automatic process to fail.

After using my work machine for ripping and having this function perfectly for over 4 years, it suddently stopped working.  Nothing had been changed or re-set on my comuter.

I tried the manual process where you right click on a song title and selct "Find Album Info…I get the online connection, find the album, and procees to get the info…but nothing ever happens.  I googled the issue, and many people have been having the issue for years with WMP 10 and WMP 11 release.  Under My Computer, right click for Settings, and you can edit all sorts of stuff (under Security I believe) and HTTP1 is one of the settings…you can “unselect” this, and “unselect” HTTP1 by proxy.

You should really google this yourself and check it out.  I am paraphrasing here and this is NOT 100% accurate info.  It’s a complex issue.  I spend a couple of hours trying to solve it to no avail.

And I am NOT going to be manually typing the track title, artist info and album info for everything I rip!

WMP is pretty imbedded into the guts of windows so it’s not a simple issue to Uninstall it and then reinstall a clean copy.

Microsoft blows so I guess we just accept that.

Maybe someone can offer new info; I’d love to have an easy fix to this that does not involve having to go back to get a degree from MIT.

So I gave up and just do this at home.  Hopefully the WMP on my home computer won’t pull this same BS.