Unknown artist--i 've read forums but most of my problems have to do w/ .WAV from ripped CD

Windows XP

8 Gig FUZE

8 gig ext. microsd


WMP 11

About 1/3 of my titles come up as Unknown Artist/unknown album as in other posts, but all the ones i’m having problems with are ripped from my own CD library in .WAV format.  All of the correct info appears in WMP.  What’s more, when i go in to look at the song tracks on my FUZE, it seems to know the names of the songs except there are numbers in front of them.  I tried to rename them in WMP, but could not get it to work.  I even tried a tagger program but it wouldn’t let me even select wav as a format.

When i hit “Play all” from the Unknown song list, it toggles through them without playing any of them.  Again, all the info is correct in WMP, but some of it just doesn’t transfer to the device.  Acutally, the vast majority of the issues are with the files on the sd card, but i really don’t think it’s the sd card. 

I really want this to work out because my wife has a sansa e260 and she has no problems with it.  It would be nice to be able to share accessories, et. al.

I’d really appreciate any help you could give.  It’s taken me about 10 hours to rip/burn/snyc all my stuff so far.

I would re-rip them into .mp3 format. Then you can use MP3Tag or a similar dedicated tagging program to insure the tags are correct. This will prevent the ‘Unknowns’ from causing you grief.

Thanks, I’ll try this next chance I get.  It’s weird that WMP knows all the stats for it, but the sansa player doesnt…

Yes, this did the trick, all right.  Ok, now to see if I TRULY can tell the difference between WAV and mp3…:wink:  Even if I can tell the difference, i guess it’s still better than not having the tunes at all.  Thanks for the suggestion and solution!

Here’s why it’s happening.

When you RIP a CD, the CD has absolutely no artist/track information on the track.  What WMP does, is when you rip it into Windows, it goes out to the internet and creates metadata which it links to that track, so that you can play it in WMP and get album/artist info.

When you transfer that track to the device via MTP mode, then Windows will often include that metadata into the folder which can be read by the player.

However if you drag and drop that information into the device, then you won’t get it.

The easiest way to combat this is what you’ve already done.  I Rip stuff into MP3 format, then use MP3Tag to attach the Artist/Track info to the track itself, that way I get the correct data regardless of how I transfer it.

WinAmp does this as well, I think. At least, when I rip with WinAmp and synch it over, it looks like it’s working just fine for me.