Unknown artist/album with .flac files


I just upgraded to the new version of the firmware, and it’s great – love the new features (especially .flac support)!

However, there’s a problem I was running into with the previous version of the firmware whereby I would copy an mp3 file to either the music folder of the sd card and the song would show up in the library fine, except in certain cases (and I wasn’t able to identify the cause), a sort of duplicate file would show up under Unknown artist. For instance, if I would upload file ‘xyz’, the artist and album would be in the library with no problems, but a ‘._xyz’ file would show up in the Unknown Artist category, which if I try to play it would be of zero length.

I’ve noticed that this is also the case with certain .flac files (and again, it seems to be intermittent).  In the case of the ‘shadow’ .flac files, they aren’t just played for the zero length (when for instance I’m playing all the songs on my Fuze on random), they actually make the Fuze hang when played.

If anyone has any insight into this or a remedy for this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you. 

I guess I encountered a similar problem. The album and artist tags of some MP3s were showing “Unknown” and (I think) some of these tracks were zero length too. I solved this, by retagging the “defective” files - however, Winamp for example was recognizing the files correctly, so  the tags have had to be present as the files weren’t correctly recognized by the player. This is probably a bug.

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I believe someone else also commented that the tags were not being read on the newly supported FLAC files. This was posted over the weekend, so I haven’t (as yet) seen any reponse from the SanDisk team. As far as the ._xyz ‘ghost’ files, I also remember somebody posting on this issue not long ago. I don’t remember if it was on this board or one of the others. If I recall correctly, it had to do with converting I-Tunes music to .mp3 format, or loading the player through I-Tunes or sometihing like that.

You should be able to find the thread with the Search box. :wink:

I encoded my Flac files using Media Monkey and my tags are working fine…