FLAC tags on Fuze+

My problem is this - I have some FLACs that I would like to add to my Fuze, and indeed, they do transfer. One album is read fine - the tags are all correct. The other album, however, is being incorrectly read as “TIST=Album Name”. I have run the files through MusicBrainz Picard multiple times, looked at and edited the tags directly through my music player - nothing appears to be wrong. Any ideas, other people with this issue?


yes it is known bug. See release notes to new firmware http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/Fuze/Sansa-Fuze-Firmware-02-37-01/td-p/226238

I think this is a direct quote…

“Supports the following music file formats: MP3, WMA, secure WMA, FLAC, AAC/M4A
(DRM-free iTunes® music files), WAV, and OGG-Vorbis.”

So, I’d like my manual to read correctly…

Oh, and

“Displays embedded album art and other song metadata.”

I have tried sandisk support but cant get definitive answer, when I embed flac files with cover art using mediamonkey and transfering to fuze+ with media monkey the art doesnt show, why not !!!

You did try retagging them with MP3Tag, right?