Fuze does not display FLAC tag song image via mp3tag'd metadata

I have upgraded to the, just released, firmware as of 12-Dec-2008. Using mp3tag, I have tagged all my FLAC files (just FLAC tags). I have also, via mp3tag, added a song image (within the Fuze’s limit of less than a 100KB JPG). All the metadata seems to get appropriately accepted. The problem: the song image does not appear.

How do people display song images for their FLAC files on the Fuze?

i just tag them in mp3tag then i add an image to the files in wmp11(paste the image as you cant tag flac files in wmp11) then i drag the flac files to the fuze in wmp11 and it show the album art on my fuze.

hope this helps you, and i use my fuze in mtp mode if that helps any

Cheers darren

I always use the MSC mode: as I have a folder structure and it’s just a simple sync over to the fuze or the uSDHC.

Your solution seems to entail extra protocol work that wmp is doing with the fuze. What I like a lot about the fuze is that it  just works with normal mp3’s in normal folder structures with only certain limits (ie 100KB jpgs within MP3’s).

I’m hoping that somebody has figured out a way to have the fuze display an embedded image within the FLAC file.

Or Sandisk support will tell me if the firmware has support for an embedded image within FLAC files.

thanks for your reply and thanks to Sandisk for supporting FLAC.

Hey, I have the same Problem with .ogg and .flac files!

I used mediamonkey to add the jpg files as front cover, but they don’t show up when playing the file.

Also, I can’t synchronize those files via mediamonkey, need to drag them manually onto the device.

Using MTP mode here, and the problem existed in the previous firmware too.

You need to use an external album art.jpg or folder.jpg file in the albums folder.  embedded art is not supported for Ogg and Flac,  only MP3.

Might this be on the enhancement list?