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Hey there Fuze users, I know this subject has been discussed many, many times and I have found all the numerous posts regarding it, but I just can’t get my artwork to show on the songs I play. I’ve downloaded MP3TAG and changed tag versions, I’ve put a folder.jpg in my music folder, changed image sizes and everything… but still cannot get the artwork to show up…

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance…  :neutral_face:

+1 to that.  It’d help me too if someone would post a summary of what specs both embedded and folder art needs to be to display properly on the Fuze (using FLAC and perhaps also mp3).

I’ve been a happy Fuze user for 6 months now, and so far only play FLAC files (which sound sooo sweet!!! :smileyvery-happy:).  But when it comes to album art my Fuze  is definitely temperamental.  I’ve  been using v2.2.26 firmware and couldn’t figure out why some art wasn’t displaying when similar sized art worked for other albums.  I’ve recently updated to the latest firmware (v2.3.31), and haven’t gotten around to detailed comparisons (again - sigh) to try to track down the cause and fix.  However so  far playing only FLAC files tagged using MP3TAG I’ve got all of my art embedded in the FLAC files showing properly, but only some of the art showing in the album list menu.  Not a big issue for me as I mostly use the folder menu but it would be nice to fix this too.

If it’s any help, this is how I do my art at present (after much trial and error with the earlier firmware). I use Windows XP and rip my own CDs to FLAC keeping each music album in a separate folder as separate FLAC files.  I download the best looking jpeg/jpg scans for the covers using a Google image search or album art website, then crop/resize the pictures till they are pixel perfect squares using Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2003 or Photoshop Elements 5 (saving in photoshop as jpeg or jpg using baseline spec and no more than “10” quality). I then rename any jpeg files to jpg, and use Microsoft powertools image resizer to resize the jpg image to 500x500 pixels, even if it is already 500x500 (as the resize seems to often shirk the file size a little without changing the image quality noticeably).  I rename the end result “folder.jpg”, and keep it in the folder containing the FLAC album concerned. I then embedded the art in each individual FLAC file using MP3TAG.  Again - this seems to get all of the art displaying while the songs are playing, but strangely not all of it displays in the album list. All of the art files end up less than 100kb.

I would guess it must be something to do with the properties of the original image files and / or the Fuze has different requirements for the now playing song than for the album list.  But this is as far as I’ve got with this.


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If you’re not getting any art whatsoever, then there’s probably something wrong with your settings or setup.  Using either WMP or MediaMonkey to load art into the tags, you should be able to see some or a majority of the art in your songs.  Works fine on my Fuze.  Try updating the tags using the ‘update from web’ feature of either organizer/player.  Some of them should work.

I got about 60% working that way.  Another 30% working manually loading the art.  About 10% were either too obscure to have art or I had to load the art into a photo editing program to get it into the correct format, specifically scanning.  Apparently jpg’s can be scanned progressively or interlaced (or words to that effect).  You have to pick the right one to get them to show in the Fuze.  Unfortuntely I can’t recall which one it is but the standard settings in PaintShopPro seemed to work.

If you’re not getting any Art, make sure you can see the art in the ‘Pictures’ tab in the Tag Editor of either WMP or MM.  It should be labeled as ‘Cover (front)’ for the Fuze to display it.  If it’s labeled something else or there’s more than one picture loaded, it might not display.  Also make sure the art is embedded in the mp3 file tags and not stored separately.

I would suggest a format and reload, on the basis that when I was having artwork issues that was the only way I managed to get it to work.  Before that it seemed stuck on the original settings and I had this 1 singer’s art on every other track, even after I removed it.