Fuze doesn't recognize flac

I’m havig some trouble to get into my fuze a specific album in flac. I use MSC, drag and drop and I never had problems until today. I drop the several musics into the fuze but when I’m going to hear it, it only shows 1 of the 18 tracks. A curious thing, in my computer in the album folder, besides the tracks in flac there are also the files with the name: [artist]-[song].flac.XXXXXX. It has those strange files for al the songs BUT for the song I could actualy listen in my fuze. I have tryed to see the songs with and without those files and I can’t see it either way. Of course, I can play them in my computer. Are they somehow protected to DAPs?

Thx in advance.

Is this your first attempt with FLACs? If so, you might need to upgrade your firmware to the latest to get FLAC support. If you’ve been playing FLACs on the Fuze, then you need not pay heed to this post.

Yes I have the latest firmware and I have several flac tracks in my fuze.