Fuze renames legit CD's as "unknown artest", and legit tracks as "unknown track"

My first post…preface:

My Fuze is the most solid, crashproof, abused MP3 player I have ever owned.  I want to solve the issues…

My method of moving files to the Fuze have been both USB connection, or, directly to the Micro SD via card reader.  Never a problem with either method - except Fuze’s “interpretation of files”.

Currently, I store all music on a 32G Micro SD.  In the past, I have done MicroSD and internal memory. (same results)

On the PC end, I have used WMP and Win Explorer to transfer files… (same results)

For ripping and “file recognition” I use Roxio software, as it never gets confused indentifying music, like WMP did.

____Here is the issue:

Some CD’s which have been properly recognized, and properly named, on my PC, are diplayed as “Unkown Artist” on the Fuze, even if they were by correctly recognized by the ripping software.

Is there a way to force my Fuze to display the Artist and Track names that I have carefully assigned ???

Note: I refuse to edit anything “on the Fuze”, as I am constantly changing out my music…

Thanks in advance ! to anyone that can help me clean this up…

Sounds like the ID3 tag fields are properly filled in if your ripping software is correctly displaying that information, however the tag format itself may be one that your player cannot read. Specifically, it needs to be ID3v2.3 ISO08859-1.

You can check this and easily change them en masse with MP3Tag. You can change the default Write settings in the prgram to this format, then just open up the folder(s) containing your music files and hit the SAVE button to rewrite/save them in the new format.

I plan on pursuing your advice this weekend… when I have more time.

One more question… do you think that I can apply tag changes directly to my MicroSD card, vs applying the changes to folders on the PC and copying back to the card.  This would be with the card plugged directly into PC via card reader.

Thanks for the input…

Should be able to, yes.