Completely new to the MP3 Sansa Fuze world..

I just got a Red Sansa Fuze 4GB for my birthday…Im not quite sure how to download music to it.  Is there a website that I can use or does everything have to be transfered from Windows Media Player.  I know this probably sounds like a crazy stupid question but any help is greatly appreciated!!

You can drag and drop like a USB, sync it with Media Player or use the Sansa Media Converter (you’ll want to download it anyway for pics and videos.)

Or just take it back and get a walkman or ipod…

If you already have mp3s on your computer that you want to put on the Fuze, the simplest way is just to use Windows Explorer to drag files/folders from you computer to the Fuze.

If you want to do more advanced syncronizing, you can use WMP, Winamp or other tools.

Some websites, like Amazon, offer DRM-free (meaning no copy protection) files you can buy, download to your computer and then copy to the Fuze without the need for any special software.  Others, particularly subscription based services, use DRM and might require you to use their software to manage your files.

_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! _ What a cool gift! Wish someone thought that much about me to buy me one. :cry:

The 1st thing . . . I repeat . . . the very 1st thing you want to do (_ before anything else _) is to read the manual or User’s guide on how to operate it and/or familarize yourself with the device. You can find it here. That will save you a lot of headaches. I know it’s a nice, new toy, and you want to load music on it as quickly as you can so you can enjoy it, but take my advice and spend a few minutes learning about it first.

I don’t know the percentages, but a good portion of 1st-time posts here are questions that can be solved or learned about just by reading the manual or the FAQ’s at the top of each player’s specific board.

Now go enjoy your new toy! :smiley:

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Thank you to everyone who replied! I appreciate it and Thank you for the Birthday Wish!!!