Help Please

Since im new to this forum forgive me if i have posted it in the wrong section.

So i have Sansa Fuze Plus for the past 2 years and i have dropped my player by accident and the screen went white!

I immidiately made a copy for my songs and now i dont really know what to do or how can i fix that?

So is it fixable? Or Its the end of the road of my player?

Also i would like to remark that the player it self works! i can change blidnly songs !

Welcome to the forum and don’t worry, you posted in the perfect spot (Fuze+ board).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound good for your player. It’s possible a wire or the ribbon cable connecting to the display screen might have been jarred loose as a result of the fall. Well actually, it’s not the fall that’s so bad; it’s the sudden stop at the bottom. :laughing:

You can try a reset to see if that might help. With the player on, press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds. Release, then press it again momentarily to start it up. It might come on and operate normally.

If not, there’s only one other thing you, as a user and do and that is re-apply the firmware. It’s doubtful this will help, but you have nothing to lose by trying. See the fimware update thread at the top section of the board and follow the directions for manually installing it. Don’t bother with the Updater.

If neither of these work, I’m afraid it’s a goner. :cry: