help me restore the file for the device to run

pls help me… i accientally erased the file in the internal memory for the device to run… what will i do?

you want to overwrite the firmware so everything is back to normal. Download the Sansa firmware updater from

you can probably just format it, and let it reload everything it needs. formatting is in a video on the link below.

i mean my device can be opened but it cant go to the main menu, it only displays the sandisk logo…

What file format is your Sansa formatted, too.

actually i dont know what file is it… can you please help me?

Open My Computer, then Right click on your Sansa, then Properties.

Is it FAT, FAT32, or NTFS?

thwn what shall i do? i appreciate your effort to help me. i just want my sansa to work.

ive checked on it on properties, i cant see wat file it is… it only displays the model name, manufacturer and serial number

Can try the sansa.fmt in recovery mode.

if this stuff is too hard for you (no offense) you should probably call or email support line. 866.SanDisk or

how to do the recovery mode?

  • Power off
  • Turn ON lock/hold
  • Hold down record
  • Hit Power/Menu Button or plug in the cable