Help getting music onto Sansa Clip.

Um, When I go to My Computer and Then click on SanDisk there is no Music(or any other) folders to click on from there. I probably did something wrong being that it did that originally, but I was wondering why it was doing this and what could I possibly do to try to change it.


If it matters I am on Windows XP.

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so you have windows XP SP2 with WMP10 or later?  If you do, try to unplug device from computer, close down all applications, restart computer…then connect device to computer again after restart and see if same problem still exists.

Yes, I still don’t see any files.

Can you do a printscreen to capture the image for better understanding?  Right now I still don’t know what you really want

I am sorry, it is really simple and probably something that I am doing wrong.
Basically when I go to click on SanDisk on My Computer it comes to just a blank page, when there is supposed to be folders. Because of this I can’t add music.
Am I doing something wrong?

Make sure your computer has WMP11 installed because the MTP database might be corrupted.  And if you cannot open the device as MTP mode (default mode).  Then you can force your device into MSC to transfer.  To force it, put the device into LOCK (slide the power button backward) and press-n-hold the center button while plugging in to your PC…then your device will connect as MSC…now…if you upgrade your device to latest fw (1.01.18) you will have the option to choose the mode without forcing it.

If all else fails…here is something you might want to do…I know you already formatted your device a zillion times already but please do it one more time using the Format option under Settings menu in your device…then restart your computer…then plug in your computer again after restarting to see if it recognizes now…if not…here is one thing you could do…go to this link

download the USBDeView software and see if the registry has the player in there…select it and delete it and then plug in your PC again to see if it will re-register the device and works…hope this will help.

I tried all of this & stil my computer doesn’t see the device. Please provide more assistance.

Well my Windows Media Player says “Windows Media Player Series 9” so I am geussing that I should update it.

yes…please update to WMP11