Help - Clip Zip wont read SD CARD. Rockbox wont either

I got this new sansa clip zip that cant be returned so please help me out.

I removed two cards from my other sansa clip zip players but nothing work. Once in the new clip zip the pc wont recognize it, the player wont recognize and rockbox wont either. 

When inside rockbox it launches with this message: Scanning disk… no rockbox directory  

The sandisk cards I used are the same from my other sansa players and they are still working on these devices

Please help me out

The only thing to suggest is manually update (or re-apply) the firmware and format the player. If neither of these procedures help, then it’s likely the card reader inside the player is defective.

Even if you are not able to return the player to where it was purchased, there is still a 1 year mfg. (2 years in EU) warranty from SanDisk. You should probably persue that avenue for remedy.

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Thanks I’ll check it out how it works in my Country

I think your problem is that Rockbox needs to initialize the database and construct it. In Rockbox, highlight database and give it a long press. Click on initialize now. If your card has many songs on it, I suggest having patience while Rockbox builds the database. Or you could play music using the folders menu, however playing music will make Rockbox take much longer to build the database.