4gb sansa clip + does not recognize files on micro sd

My 6 month old 4gb sansa clip + does not recognize files on a new 8gb micro sd card. I loaded music files from my PC. Files are there and play on Media Player. My son also has a 4gb sansa clip + , and it does work on his. This is the first time I’ve tried using a micro sd as additional music storage devise. I believe my clip may be defective.

The fact that it works OK on your son’s Clip+ but not yours may indeed indicate a defective player. Just to be sure though, you do have it inserted correctly so it’s locked in, right? You should hear 2 faint clicks as it locks into place and the edge of the card should be more or less flush with the player’s casing.

Is the player less than a year old (2 years in Europe)? If so, SanDisk is very good about replacing defective units under their warranty.

Try using SDFormatter to format the Micro SD. You will find it free at the link below. I had the same problem and this worked for me. Good luck.


Why would you want to format it and delete everything when it has proven to work in another like device? :neutral_face:

Well I am very new to the Sandisk Clip + and certainly do not have your knowledge on the subject. I just know what worked for me. I put a micro disk in my Clip+ and formatted it through Windows 7. I then loaded my files on it. My Clip+ saw the micro disk but would not see the files on it. It kept showing the disk as empty. I then reformatted it with the SDFormatter. I then reloaded the same files and now eveything works great. By the way, Tapeworm thank you for all of your responses to the different questions on this forum. You and the other Gurus have helped me a great deal.


I had the same problem but it is now sorted.  I have an 8GB Scandisk Clip+ with an external 32GB micro-SD card.  Initially, the player would not recognise anything at all on the card.  It kept on displaying ‘empty’ on the player.  Please do not waste time trying to make the player do this as it is no use at all for quite complex reasons.

Just download a program called Rockbox from the net, which is free source.  Next, download the firmware for your player by going to the Scandisk website.

Run the installation for Rockbox and it will at some point ask you where the firmware for the player is on your hard drive.  Show it, continue the installation and this program instantly allows the external card to be recognised.  You are also able to transfer files using a micro-SD adapter for lightning quick transfer of files from your PC to the card.  Transferring files from PC to player directly is much slower.

This solved everything for me and I have been using this for a long time now.  Believe me, I initially rawled many forums looking for an answer - this is it.  Happy listening!


Rockbox has its own issues though. Aside from the added complexity, loading Rockbox on a player might make it permanently unable to play protected files. There is also a small chance that Rockbox could brick the player. Learn about the risks of Rockbox before trying it. Putting Rockbox on a player will also void the warranty.

I had the same problem in my Clip+ not recognizing the files I had on the microSD but then I followed MAVERIQUE’s advice above and installed the Rockbox firmware and, even though I needed to do the manual install option given by Rockbox, everything went smootly (after I truncated the names of my files).  I had many long names and before I truncated them, over half of the files would not be recognized by the Clip+ in Files.  I used the free File Monkey program to rename all of the files in sequence like Song1.mp3 Song2.mp3… and still my id tag shows on the display of the Clip+ to show what is playing.

As for the comment about bricking your device by installing Rockbox, that appears to be a risk, but then, if you are not satisfied with only 4B and wanted to add a 16GB microSD, then try the Rockbox firmware (if you can’t otherwise get the Clip+ to read the files on the external card).