Hello people! I'm have a problem, my Windows XP cant see...

Hello people!
I’m have a problem, my Windows XP cant see my mp3 player “Sansa C200”… that unknown USB device. What I shell do? And i’m cant to support anyone firmware!!!Pleas help me

It happens after updating the software on version *.05. The player any more did not work. At his attempt to include the screen and all lighted up. At connection the computer of a player did not see, but after click buttons Hold + Menu and connections to a computer, there was a message unknown USB the device.
I wrote the letter to your manufacturer, in a department of service, but the answer I have not received.

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Im not sure what your first language is, but you can call SanDisk at all the various numbers and get support in a ton of languages. Your best bet is to possibly rollback firmware on the player while it is on Recovery Mode.

Se você fala português ou espanhol pode se explicar melhor em tal lingua.


If you speak portuguese or spanish, please explain your situation using that language.

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I from Ukraine. Language Russian, Ukrainian, English I own badly. I and have not understood? That for Recovery Mode. It is the program or a condition of the device?!
I shall try to formulate on another an essence of a problem:the hardware wizard says unknown device
where can i download a driver for the usb device or
is there a software i can download to reformat it or restore its firmware.

You don’t need drivers to make this device work.
Recovery Mode is a mode of the Sansa’s to install a new firmware!
How to enter in the Recovery Mode:
"1. Go to http://zefie.com/files/PMP/sansa/ and download appopriate firmware (I had 01.01.05P and downloaded http://zefie.com/files/PMP/sansa/c200/firmware/1.01.00/SansaC200A1_01_00.7z and it works)
2. You have to enter Service Mode. To do that:

  • turn the player off
  • press HOLD button
  • hold REC button and press MENU button (used to turn the player on/off)
  • plug the player to the computer
  • in My Computer you can see new drive 16MB-FORMAT
  • copy unzipped files into it
  • unplug the player
  • release HOLD button"

After that the new firmware will be installed and hope the problem get solved.

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As you had trouble with the .05 firmware version you should downgrade to the 1.01.00 firmware version.

Enigma- Thanks

Firware i download.

  • plug the player to the computer
  • in My Computer you can see new drive 16MB-FORMAT**( Problem in this item. My computer writes unknown USB  device)**
     And consequently I cannot pass to this item >>>>>>>   - copy unzipped files into it

So I think you’d better follow Enigma’s tip.
Call Russian support and good luck.

It is a pity… But thanks