Hebrew Support


I somehow managed to have hebrew support for my songs, the Hebrew songs fileNames are NOT reversed and everything look fine…

though the only way the fileNames are not reversed is if i set my menu Language settings to hebrew.

Is there any way for me to stay on english menu settings and still see hebrew file names not reversed?? 

Don’t think so.

On the new firmware, the עברית in the Language Menu is not reversed anymore, so maybe in the next firmware version, they’ll fix it in all the menus.

Message Edited by yelped on 05-17-2009 10:28 PM

I think you need to set the lang to Hebrew or else the songs are backwards… but if you set the lang to hebrew then the track info screen is useless as the english and hebrew are in the same spot and you can’t get any of the info… :frowning: I hope they will eventually fix that.

What I am saying is the track info categories show up in the same place as the text so they overlap and it is unreadable.