Fuze in Hebrew

Hi all,

I was thinking about getting the fuze - and I noticed there is a firmware upgrade for hebrew… is there a way to make my north american fuze have hebrew?  Is there support for hebrew file names?

Seems like a nice unit played with it in the store…


I can’t speak to your whole issue, but I do have Ofra Haza’s Shaday album on my Fuze and the artist name shows up in Hebrew (though all the song names are English or transliteration).



yes you can put the hebrew firmware on the NA fuze and with the hebrew firmware it should support hebrew song names

This is independent of the firmware. The Fuze has Unicode support and can therefore display all the worlds languages, as long as the internal font supports it. I don’t know if the fonts are different across the various regional firmwares, but my European Fuze can display the Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew alphabets, and probably all special characters used in Latin-based European alphabets from Western, Central and Eastern Europe (I was too lazy to test all characters). The Arabic alphabet is not implemented though, Arabic characters only appear as rectangles on the Fuze.

p.s.: the Thai alphabet is also implemented, but not the Armenian, Georgian and Laotioan alphabets. 

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Thanks for the info I really appricate it - I just don’t have time to rename all my files and tags so if it supports Hebrew then I think the Fuze is for me…

Well I just bought my fuze in Israel, copied a song with hebrew title and I only get jibrish displayed by the player. Evidently the fonts are missing on this device. How do I update that? anyone got a link?

Thanks in advance!


Well I just bought my fuze in Israel, copied a song with hebrew title and I only get jibrish displayed by the player. Evidently the fonts are missing on this device. How do I update that? anyone got a link?

Thanks in advance!


Found the solution with the MANUAL update procedure only (updater is not working properly).

It is described in details at: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=sansafuse&thread.id=4880 

Sorry for sounding dense - but I can’t seem to find the solution for the garbled letters? I looked through that thread - although it is long so I might have missed it - could you tell me what the solution is - I have the same problem - garbled letters… I did the firmware upgrade manually - putting the bin file in the root of the player… funny I did not have this problem before the firmware upgrade - the letters were correct but backwards at least then I could tell which song was which … now it is garbled.


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Fuze support Hebrew,i did it in my fuze .


fuze will show hebrew when the uncoding is  UTF-16 format (the UTF-8 will give GIBRISH ) and by my experience it will work in ID3v1 & ID3v2.

For showing hebrew in the fuze you need to do the next things :

  1. Download the program REVERSEIT Link ,it will reverse the letters in the tags saving will change the orginal file, work on a copy

  2. Use the Mp3tag software  Link, after installing run the program and enter the option section (under tools)  

2.1  in the option section you will see a tag menu ,under write mark the UTF-16 option .


2.2  put in the program the songs you want for the fuze, do a check : the hebrew tags need to be reversed letters.

2.3  then go to file -> save tag saving will change the orginal file, work on a copy .

2.4 the program will save the tags so you could see hebrew in the fuze

  1. copy the new files to your fuze.

Hope it will work for you .


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thanks for the info - why would it need to be UTF-16? UTF-8 not enough? I use Linux though so these windows programs won’t work - unless I will try to use them under WINE or VirtualBox…

The funny thing is that before the firmware upgrade I could see the letters… strange…

I will try your ideas though. 

The issue of UTF16 and UTF8 is a problem in the ID3 “standard”.

ID3v1 really doesn’t support Unicode, it’s supposed to always be written with the Windows Western Europe encoding. So, no Hebrew support with ID3v1.

ID3v2 does support Unicode, with ID3v2.2 and ID3v2.3 using UTF16-encoding, and ID3v2.4 using UTF8. I guess that some broken tagging programs allow writing UTF8 to ID3v2.2 or ID3v2.3 or, just as bad, writing UTF16 to ID3v2.4. My guess is that your tagging program writes such incorrect data and that this is the cause of your problems.

If you make sure that your tagging program writes the correct UTF-encoding to the appropriate ID3v2 tags you should be fine. Check the configuration of your tag editor, or maybe try another one.

I have an 8GB FUZE - I have the Hebrew firmware - 01.01.15h ALREADY installed… the problem is that all the music I upload either comes up with garbled tags or the hebrew is backwards - like instead of ABC shows up as CBA - as Hebrew goes right to left - I noticed the same problem in your language menu - that the word Hebrew shows up in Hebrew as werbeH - is there a way to correct this - I could manually flip all my tags but that would mean having to have 2 copies of all my songs one for play on the computer with the tags correct and another copy for the FUZE BACKWARDS… this doesn’t seem to make sense.

Any ideas?

I agree with nech770 ,

I found the fuze a great player for my needs BUT :

after using the new firmware fuze01.01.15h ( Thank for trying to fix the problem )  I still have problems :

  • GIBBERISH in some songs

  • some of the translated text that used in the menus are not currect by there meanings ( like pictures options are translated

    in the meanning of filming option )

  • the navigation become slower even more in the music optin menu (during playing)

   maybe it is because the output is in Hebrew and it means to display in the direction of LTR and not RTF  .

for now I prefer to use the English language in the device and for my Hebrew songs that are saved in my fuze

-I will still change the tags .

-I will still save the songs another place in my computer because there tags are change to backwards .

with a degree in engineering I know :

the problem that me and the other users of the Hebrew language suffer 

is a minor thing to fix , it should not take long depressing hours ( come on a software bug ?? ) for sandisk workers.

if you sell the fuze in Israel at least make the device user friendly for the Israeli consumers .

Hope that the problem will be fixed in the next firmware and sorry for my English .


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…Not even a comment from sansa’s Representatives.

I also have a Hebrew problem, my sansa shows it backward after changing the IDtag format.

If I would have known the fuze can’t show Hebrew I would have buy another player.


I will post a warning, so you wont have to ignore any more “pasty” costumers.

And avcourse to make sure no one else gets disappointed with the Sansa Fuze. 



After searching for solution for Hebrew I can advice for the following steps that could assist to solve the problem:

When your Sansa is log of from the computer do the following :

1.       Open your Sansa and roll till you reach  : SETTING  ,  click on it

2.       In the new window roll to : SYSTEM SETTING  , click on it

3.       in the new window roll to : USB MODE , click on it

4.       in the new window chose the : MSC  , click on it (maybe your Sansa is already is in that mode-Its O.K )

5.       Press on the "HOME" icon to go back to the main menu


We are ready for the next step


6.        Connect your Sansa to the USB cable and plug it to the computer

7.       After the computer recognize your Sansa , copy the following link :

 Hebrew - Amos Romano



The link will download to your computer file that contain the Upgrade for Hebrew


8.After downloading you will need to extract the file to your computer.

9.When you finish to extract, take the new open file that you receive and copy it to the main file of Sana

10.Disconnect the Sansa from the Computer

11. You will see on your screen the following : Upgrading FirmWare

12. The Sansa will reset automatically

13. Open the Sansa and roll down till you find : תירבע

14. Congratulations you can read Hebrew in your Sansa


Amos Romano



The Hebrew works fine on the latest firmware, there is no need to download such old firmware.

Indeed, please note the post dates on this thread.  It started last year.

The current firmware includes improved ID3 v2.3 plus new ID3 v2.4 support.


I followed the instructions. No Updating occured (and no Hebrew file names) !??