Help| V02.02.26P with hebrew support?

Hi, I am a fuze 8gb holder, and after upgrading the last firmware to v02.02.26p, I lost my hebrew support.

before upgrading, I fixed the hebrew by this link, but its compatible with an older version.

Is there any way how i could bring it back supporting hebrew except downgrading? 



Just change it in the Language Settings.

the menu supports hebrew, but the songs are written in a not readable language, surely not hebrew.

do you have any idea?


Check your tags. Also, it will work if you use Folder Browsing.

Folder Browsing? what is it?

why would you want hebrew when you can speak english fine?

@nissanskyline wrote:
why would you want hebrew when you can speak english fine?

The songs probably have Hebrew names.:wink:

haha… well I am asking this for someone who cant really speak english fine… 

and well yes, the songs info is written in hebrew so…

 any ideas?

As I’ve said before, check the Tags and make sure it is the right ISO settings that the Fuze could understand(search the forums for what it should be, I don’t remember exactly what). If that doesn’t work, use Folder Browsing, which means, at the bottom of the Music Menu there is a option called “Folders”, go into that and select your music, it should be readable there, at least that was my experience.

Hope this helps.