Fuze, encoding, hebrew etc.


my version: v01.01.15h

i downloaded the hebrew support and it works but not perfectly, i.e some songs are shown well, while the others kinda “lost” their information [“unknown”>“unknown”.]

i guessed this is an encoding problem, so i read here the fuze reads utf-16 only for my needs.

anyway, i have the application id3mod2 and it cant do that.

i am working on a mac [10.5.7] and searching for a solution.

please let me know what i can do. 

thank you, eden. 

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you could go away (to somewhere where bumping your vague message after a couple of hours is not considered rude) ?

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Check the dates of her posts.  It’s been several days, not hours.

eden – try calling sandisk’s tech support

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mags1230, fair enough, but there are still friendlier ways toget more attention to your post.

just “UP” is considered rather rude on many forums.



 hmmm, isnt it where i am now?..


sorry, i dont visit “in many places” forums i guess, its common to just “up” in the forums i visit. 


edit: i fixed the problem. thanks. 

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