Fuze: UTF-8 encoding


I’m a French user of the Sansa Fuze, and I’m quite happy with it. However, I’ve noticed that the Fuze uses ISO-8859-1 encoding, and not UTF-8. This may not matter for English speaking people, but can be of importance for others!

ISO-8859-1 does not recognize every character used in French. For instance, “œ” is missing. It’s not the most frequent character, but it’s used in “cœur”, which means “heart”. On the fuze, I get “c“ur” instead.

Is it possible for the UTF-8 encoding to appear in next firmwar?

are you using the “A” or “E” firmware version?

neither! I’m using V01.01.11F.

drlucky was referring to the American or European firmware version. It appears though, that you are using the correct and latest f/w (European with FM radio) for the FUZE.

I know cross-posting may be a “faux paux” (and that, I’m afraid is just about the limit of my French language skills :wink: ), but I sometimes question whether anyone form SanDisk ever even looks at this board. Nobody ever responds or acknowledges posts here, so it’s impossible to know. I would also post this problem/situation on the FUZE board, as I know that it & the CLIP board are frequented regularly by at least 1 SanDisk person, and they DO communicate with posters.

Obviously, you want your unit to display your native language correctly, as we all do. I don’t believe this is an un-reasonable request.