Hebrew support


I have a Sansa Clip 2 GB.

I installed firmware (using the Firmware Updater) that support hebrew.

I found that the menues are in Hebrew but all other stuff e.g. artist name’s characters are shown either as ? or as list of unknown once.  

Do any one know whether it is bug or feature ?! is there is any workaround ?!



Hi Dudy,


Did you solve the Hebrew problem on your Sansa Clip?

I have the same problem, and would be happy to learn how can I solve it.


Sandisk Support staff - do you have an answer to the problem?





You at least need to retag your mp3s using unicode text encoding (id3 v2.3 tags) or the Clip cannot correlate the English name to Hebrew (ISO text encoding won’t work AFAIK).

Search the forum for “UTF”, “Unicode”, “id3”, etc and maybe try retagging a few MP3s before mass-retagging your entire library

I use mp3tag which is free and can mass-retag all your mp3s to use UTF-16 (unicode) text encoding…