Hebrew support

Hi all,

I recently bought the Sana Clip mp3 player (2 GB).

Unfortunately, the player does not support the Hebrew language.

I`ll be more then happy if someone can tell me how can i get a firmware update that do

support Hebrew or any other solution.

10x in advance…

Actually, I thought the player supported Hebrew, to a degree (I read that the menus are not in Hebrew and that the tag text still remains left to right).

You may need to upgrade to the latest firmware, version .29, and name the firmware bin file to m300G.bin (no radio) or m300H.bin (radio version), which is supposed to result in the “Hebrew version.”

I hope this helps.

Hi Guru…

I really apriciate your fast reply & good advice.

Now, I upgraded to the version .29 as u said - the player is able now to show hebrew from

all menues (great!!!) but there is still a little problem - the songs names shown in “Gibrish” :frowning:

I`m sure u can still help…

I wish I could!  Am all out of suggestions–maybe someone else has some ideas …