Hewbrew support for Sansa Clip


I am about to buy a Sansa Clip device.

Hebrew support of song names (ID3 tags) is very important to me.

I googled around and could not find a conclusive answer regarding whether Sansa Clip supports hebrew or not.

Can someone shed some light on this issue? (if you personally verified it, the better)…

TIA! :slight_smile:

The Clip supports 22 languages, I don’t think Hebrew is among them.  The last language on the list could be Hebrew but it looks more like a Southeast Asian language.

FWIW, the Sansa View supports Hebrew.

Hebrew support is there.  Try changing the region using Sansa Updater.

Thank you for you replies! :slight_smile:

sansafix - did you personally validate that hebrew is supported?

Does the support means hebrew menus or ID3 hebrew support?

Is the hebrew viewed right to left or left to right?

Thanks! :>

Why not just check it out using the above advice?

I can confirm ID3 tags as well as the menus are working flawlessly in Hebrew - just install the Hebrew firmware


I installed the hebrew firmware and only the menues are displayed in hebrew - what is the firmware version ?! 

Take the latest firmware file and rename it so that the last character is an “H”, put it on the Clip manually, and you’ll have Hebrew with FM radio enabled (if your Clip has radio hardware support).

There’s a sticky thread on the ABI forum that describes what all the letter codes mean… 

It’s weird but I can’t find the API forum… can you please give a link to it?


anythingbutipod.com.  And then click on forums.

Going back a couple posts - note that if you want your MP3s to display the track information in Hebrew (not just the Clip menu texts), I do believe you’ll need to use id3 v2.3 tags with Unicode (UTF) encoding. There’s info on doing that here on the forum.

You’ll need a tagging utility like MP3tag or, “whatever”. There’s several good ones.

Note that you can batch convert the files you have now to add/update the tags to unicode, you won’t need to do it manually or one by one…

Take a look at this site:


Shows how to do it… Guess there is Hebrew Support!