Headphone Socket - Look At This!

I’m just come across this, it’s a brilliant item for the Sansa Clip. As well as saving wear and tear on your socket if you plug/unplug a lot (like I do), it also puts the headphone socket at the top, which a lot of people might prefer. Just thought I’d share it.

Available at Radio Shack.  Adds some bulk (hardy construction), but if it meets your needs, nice.

Because I plug/unplug from the headphone socket a lot, as I use mine daily all over the place, in the car, home Hi-Fi and headphones, I wanted it to save wear on the built in socket, so it’s perfect for that. Prior to this I was using a very small extension/connector cable. The angled adapter though is great as it’s very small still.

I have seen some complaints that the headphone socket is on the side and not the top, so that solves that too. Doesn’t bother me personally, but some people might prefer the connection on the top of the device.

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Because I plug/unplug from the headphone socket a lot, as I use mine daily all over the place, in the car, home Hi-Fi and headphones, I wanted it to save wear on the built in socket, so it’s perfect for that.

Very good idea . . . for all mp3 players. the headphone jack is most likely always going to be the ‘weak link’.

Exactly, thanks Tapeworm. That’s just the reason I wanted it. This is such a good player that it’s well worth looking after it.

Sure enough, right after I read this page, I was like, this is genius. I plug my headphones in and out as well as an aux port in my car. The last thing I want is my headphone jack going bad. I went to Radio Shack and got one for $3.59 + tax. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103788

Perhaps later I’ll put up pictures so people can see what it looks like with our beloved clip+. IMO, its great, does not bother me at all. When it’s not in use, just fold it back down and it’s not that noticeable or uncomfortable when clipped on your jeans.  Plus, I too, came from an iPod before this and I HATED why sandisk put the jack on the right hand side. Now it feels like its on the top.

Original Poster, you made my day. Thank you!

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Seems like a good idea, but:  If left plugged in all the time, it will actually increase wear and cyclic forces applied to the 3.5mm socket of the Clip+ during normal handling, for periods where headphones are disconnected, and over the life of the unit this could shorten the life of the socket.  (It is a lever sticking out, receiving all sorts of inadvertent applied forces and rotations, during non-operational handling, and it transmits all of that to the socket.)

On the other hand, using the socket as designed incurs wear and tear from plugging/unplugging and rotation of a standard 3.5mm headphone plug.

Is there more cumulative wear and tear on the socket by (a) regular use as designed or (b) leaving this adapter plugged in all the time?  Not clear.  Would probably take some real testing to get good insight.

One other thing to consider:  Generally, the fewer mechanical interconnects in a signal path, the better.  Some connectors/adapters can attenuate and/or otherwise degrade the resulting sound quality.

(Personally, I use headphones with 90 degree plug connector, so the 90 degree feature is already taken care of.  My Clip+ rides in an Audio-Technica AT-HPP3S Earbud Case, and it would not fit very well with a 90 degree adapter left plugged in to the Clip+ socket, but the naked Clip+ alone fits perfectly. :slight_smile: )

Just some other things to consider…but hey, even if the Clip+ 3.5mm socket fails, it probably won’t fail before a couple years of service, and that’s about all I expect from a DAP.  (My previous DAP had a failing switch at about 2+ years service, then the display started acting funky…)  And don’t forget that the lithium ion battery has a life expectancy of only a few years or less, usually.


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Not so much for a clip, but for a heavier player there’s danger of damaging the connector with a yank from dropping, standing up etc.  The right angle connector gives more chance that one or the other connector will pull out rather than wrench the jack in the player.

Yes, but the entire connection unit, both the headphone, and the 90 degree adaptor, are resting in line with the Clip+, rather than a straight arm that can apply torque to the socket.  I think the net result will be quite acceptable.

As for the electrical losses incurred with the additional plug, I have seen this discussion ad infinitum in audiophile circles.  It’s a wonderful little portable device.  Whether we’re using gold plated Neutrik connectors isn’t that important.  I like the overall result!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I wouldn’t want the 90 degree adapter left plugged in all the time for the same reason I wouldn’t want my headphone connector with similar 90 degree connector left plugged in all the time.  Regardless of orientation, it presents a lever along the line of the connector axis that will catch all kinds of forces in normal handling, and impart those forces (with additional mechanical advantage/multiplier due to lever effect) to the socket.

And the bit about mechanical interconnects vs. audio signal quality:  True that most interconnects don’t noticeably degrade sound quality - but sometimes they do, because of various reasons including oxidation or contamination buildup, so in general, the fewer interconnects the better.  Believe it or not, this little Clip+, playing lossless (FLAC) audio files on good (e.g. Audio-Technica ATH-CK7) isolating-type headphones, produces audiophile-quality results, so paying attention to interconnects is not overly obsessive (unless you have wooden ears and can’t hear the difference between mediocre and good sound quality anyway).

If the 90 degree adapter strikes one’s fancy, great.  I’m just offering a little reality check.  Again, this or any other DAP is probably good for only 2 or 3 years service anyway, so reduced connector socket life due to mechanical stresses from a doo-hickey permanently stuck in the socket probably won’t change that much anyway.  :slight_smile:

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Original Poster, you made my day. Thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m very pleased that you like the idea too. My headphone socket can get plugged/unplugged several times a day so I think it essential. Mine looks just like yours does and has been faultless so far. I have another accessory for mine too now, it’s a great little case, very neat and tidy and the headphone adapter sits very well whilst the player is in the case. I must post some pics.

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For uk users interested in purchasing an adapter, a fleabay a trader does one at £1.97 delivered.  Search using “3.5mm Jack To 3.5mm Jack Right Angle Adapter” string to find it.  Hope that helps somebody.

That’s good advice, there are plenty on there, and that’s where mine came from too.

I also picked up one of these.

I use it in conjunction with a right angle adapter so I can easily plug my Clip+ into my AUX jack on my head unit in my car.   I plug the right angle adapter into the AUX jack, then I plug the above M/M adapter in the the right angle adapter.  I can then plug and unplug my clip whenever I need to update it while still leaving the adapters plugged into the car. 

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