Headphone jack too loose.

I’ve had my Sansa for a few years now and it’s really been a good friend but the last few months the h.phone jack has become too loose that the slightest movement will cause the sound to be disrupted (sound will only come from one headphone/one side if I’m in my car, or a little bit of static noise) and I’d have to turn the headphone plug/cable connecting the Sansa to my car stereo a few times to get a proper connection but the same thing keeps happening. I’ve tried other headphones but the jack is just too loose for a tight connection. Is there anything I can do? 

You can try cleaning the jack–dip the plug in rubbing alcohol, insert it, twist it, remove it, let dry.

But sad to say, it’s probably not going to help. The headphone jack is a weak spot on Sansas, especially if you leave the headphones plugged in and  wrapped around the unit. Even if you don’t,  you’ve had this for years and years of  wear take their toll.

Repair isn’t cost-effective on these, so you probably need a replacement. I just looked at Amazon, where a new 4GB is $35, and at eBay, where you can get refurbished ones from DealFisher for $20, so it’s not too painful.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I didn’t think there was something I could do. I know I can’t complain about my Sansa since it’s been a good player for all these years. I know buying another one won’t break the bank or anything but the thing is that the one I have still works perfectly except for the jack. I think I just found a “duct tape” solution. I used a small rubber band (the size of a ring) to hold the h.phone plug in place. It’s working pretty good and the plug isn’t moving at all. Good enough.  

One option also could be, gently pry the case open and see what’s happening inside, with a mind to epoxy or super-glue things down secure.