Static - can not get static to completely go away

I have been using my Sansa Clip for a while.  Recently I have had lots of static while using my player with speakers.  When I “play” with the 3.5mm cable, I can sometimes get  static to reduce but never really goes away.  Sometimes the sound stops all together.  I purchased a new cable thinking that may be the problem but does not seem to help.   Any suggestions?

First, you want to try playing some other gizmo through the same cord and speakers, just to make sure the static isn’t coming from elsewhere.

But if the Sansa is the only source causing static, and if you’re playing headphone out–>3.5mm cable–>speakers and a new cable doesn’t help, then the headphone jack might be dying, and there’s really not much you can do.  The headphone jack gets a lot of stress.

You can, however, find a refurbished Clip+ on Ebay for about $20, which shouldn’t bankrupt you.  Obviously you want to look at seller feedback, but I just got one as a spare ($19.99, free USA shipping) that works fine.

For what it’s worth, it’s not a good idea to leave the Sansa with the headphones plugged in and the cord wrapped around it. I’ve destroyed some electronics that way, because it keeps putting pressure on the headphone jack. LIve and learn .

By any chance, are there other electronics nearby?  You may be getting interference between devices and/or cables (including electrical cords); separating them may help.

I do not think it is interference.  It seems like input into the sansa no longer seats correct, like it is too loose.  It is getting progressively worse every day.  I have had the player for about 18 months, is this really the life of the player? 

I hope it’s not the life of the player, but it’s possible, depending how it was treated. Headphone jacks take a lot of stress.

It really depends on how it was used. But what you describe sounds like a connection getting worse. Unless you know someone who is good with electronics, it’s probably more cost-effective to replace the Clip+. 

Thank you for the input.  I am a advid book reader/listener and use the mp3 everyday, but it still seems like it should have lasted longer.  Good think we are only a couple ofweeks from Black Friday, I am sure I will be able to replace a low cost.

Any suggestions on a model or brand that has a longer life?  FYI - I refuse to purchase anything apple because of their busness model, so no to i-anything.

You might try a couple of possible fixes.

  1.  Try manually reapplying the latest firmware–the issue possibly could be the result of a software glitch that has developed over time.  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum threads listing here.  It’s fairly easy to do.

  2.  You might also try reformatting the player, under the player’s Settings–this sometimes will fix odd issues.  But note:  this will erase all the user content on your player, and so copy anything you want to save to your computer first.  

Also, by the way:  are you still within the player’s warranty period (1 year in the U.S., 2 years in the EU)?  If so, and the problem remains, you can contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement (and in the U.S., SanDisk even covers the postage both ways).  

There could be sales on these on Black Friday.  But also, good prices right now on refurbed units, at just $19-$22 shipped (!!).  (And even that price has been a few dollars lower last month!)

Oh, and a first thing to confirm:  the cable that is plugged into the player is plugged in all the way, right?  The headphone jack can be very tight, especially at first, and some people have had your issue when the cable wasn’t plugged in all the way (people, understandably, were afraid to push the plug in harder, for fear of breaking the player).  Just thought I should double-check this.

Also make sure there is no lint, dust or other schmutz inside the jack. That could cause static sound. Try blowing it out and re-try. Does the static sound change, or increase/decrease if you turn or twist the plug in the jack?

After spending some time looking through this forum it is definably the headphone jack.   It seems like this is a very common problem with lots of people complaining about the headphone jacks getting loose over time. 

I will be purchasing a new player just but it may not be another Sansa Clip being many people have this issue.  IMO refurbished makes absolutely no sense at this price point. :angry:

@audiobooklover wrote:

After spending some time looking through this forum it is definably the headphone jack.   It seems like this is a very common problem with lots of people complaining about the headphone jacks getting loose over time. 



No, it is not. I don’t know where you’re getting your infomration, but you are mistaken. There was a common headphone jack problem with the old e200 series player, but that’s been years ago. None of the Clip series (Original, Plus & Zip) suffer from loose headphone jacks. At least none (or very few) that have been reported here or on another popular forum Anythingbutipod that I have seen. And given that there are millions of these things in use, if there was a quality issue or defective manufacturing consistency thrust me, we would have heard about it and see evidence of it here.

This isn’t to say yours does not have a problem; electronic devices fail but realistically most headphone jack problems are caused by misuse by leaving the the cord plugged in and wrapping the cord around the player when not being used, or bumping the plug and causing sideways strain on the jack.

If you’re within the warranty period, I would encourage you to contact SanDisk about a possible replacement.