Headphone broken off in jack


I’ve had my Sansa Clip for a while, absolutely love it, and for a time period I would switch periodically between three sets of headphones while using it depending on which was nearest. Unfortunately, roughly 2 weeks ago while I was using the pair that came with the clip itself, the end piece of the headphone broke off while inside the jack. It has been stuck there ever since, which prevents from using what is now my only good pair (as the other two, the second swap and the ones that came with the clip have both lost sounds in the left bud). The only way to hear anything is by putting the pair that broke off in and hoping it holds while I walk about doing my other activities. Considering that a) I ordered this Clip from overseas (as there weren’t any 8 gigs models available in America) and b) I can’t seem to find the warrenty (just one of the adverts and the cd that came with it), what is the best way to rescue the broken piece from my headphone jack? I’m interested in not physically taking apart the device if I can help it.


I actually bought a second clip to use in the car(4gig), and I found a pair of earphones that I really like for my 8 gig.This way I never have to change the pieces on the earphone jack.I was thinking that eventually something like what happened to you would happen to me and I would have nothing.

Sorry I don’t have any advice on how to fix it.

Try gluing a toothpick to the leftover part inside epoxy/jbweld carefully let it sit for a day then try to remove.

Be careful when trying this.

 Never done this just a thought.