Headphone Jack Placement?!

For such a wonderfully designed, slim and sleek product, I am astonished at the side placement of the headphone jack!  Does anyone else think this creates an awkward protuberance jutting out sideways from the otherwise streamline product - especially in your pocket?  Although I read people believe it is better from the previous placement since it doesn’t cover up other controls, I think common sense would dictate placing it on the top or bottom of this player.  Any thoughts on that?


In my case i don’t mind, because i use the clip next to my belt and the headphone jack is well positioned. I think the design has no flaws, the device is tiny enough not to disturb your pocket. I use an L plugg and it’s perfect.

Many people are using the Clip+ with an earphone or headphone that has a right angle plug, so it doesn’t stick out much. I like where the headphone jack is on the Clip+. I prefer it to having the jack on the top or bottom.  

Buy an L plugg adapter.

I dislike plugs on the bottom absent the existence of a dock, as the utmost of inconvenience for any kind of use.