Having troubles installing

When I plug it into my USB its says “A Problem occured during installation, Your product might not work correctly” I know its no the MP3 player cause I tried it on my Dad’s laptop and installed fine, But the problem is my music is on this comp. So is there anyway I just download some drivers and install it manually?

Also, I have tried this sollution here that was posted http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=announcements&thread.id=127&view=by\_date\_ascending&page=1 and still nothing worked

Unless you want to sync w/ media player or use DRM, switch it to MSC mode.  No drivers needed.  What OS is that PC btw?

I’m having the same exact issues you’re having. I’ve been trying for hours; my computer isn’t recognizing this MP3 Player at all…I’m ready to return it and get the real deal!

Someone please HELP

Hey there!

After hours and hours of trying to install this thing, I finally went and returned it – I wanted to give it one last shot. Turns out the one I purchased yesterday was a “fluke” got a new, went home plugged it into my USB and it worked just fine. Everything I needed was found under my computer. Maybe you should return the one you have and get a new one. I’m crossing my fingers that after its initial full-charge it’ll work! Let’s see.

Well, I know its not the MP3 player, cause it works on every comp but mine. Works on my bros, and my dads laptop just fine, only problem is my music isnt on those comps. Im running Windows XP, I could understand if I was running Vista. But I really dont know what more to do. My mouse and keyboard are both USB and they work just fine. So I really have no more solutions.

MSC mode is working with Media Player, Thanks bro.