having a problem

Having a problem with my clip.  Keep connecting it to my computer and it is charging but my computer is not recognizing it and i can’t put any music on it. I have tried this on my dell which is pretty old and another laptop which is not as old.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do???

make sure you have windows XP with SP2, and Windows Media plyer 10 or higher.  If you dont, the device will not work on your computer

How do you know if you have both of those?

you can right click my computer and select properties to see what OS you have and service pack. to see what Windows Media player you have open WMP and select help then about.

I had a virus that totally took music away from me.  I have diminished hearing also.  I can hear speech ok with earbuds, not very well with headphones and practically absolutely no intelligence possible with loud speakers.  I do subscribe to podcasts which is something that works just fine.  I can not get podcasts to work (first I got a single hour (sans all music)) but now I can’t even get to the podcast mode…any key moves away from the index.  I get 3 hours per day on my old mp3 and it would change hours, change days and sort all the issues of the daily download. Why does this thing not do the same thing?  All it displays is voice, music, fmradio and I do not need even one minute of each of those.  I downloaded the new update, which since it downloaded I can not access the podcast menu item at all.  Nothing I read or have accessed for a week has given me any kind of success.  I can not even recognize music I knew when I was a child… the melody does not reach my brain.  I want my podcast and would like to have it advance through all the 800 mb of download, one issue after the next.

What USB mode are you trying to connect in? If it is MTP or auto, then change it to MSC and see if the player is recognized.