Not recognized by computer

I had a clip and used it well before it died.  I now have my husband’s clip but my computer won’t recognize it.  I’ve performed countless repetitions of all the suggested fixes on the website, to no avail.  I listen to podcasts, not music.  Help! 

It would be helpful to know what you’ve tried.

A system reset?  Switching to MSC USB mode?  A different USB cable?  Different USB ports?

All the modes, different ports, reinstalling drivers…The cable works with my old clip (the clip lost it’s screen capabilities so is difficult to operate).  When plugged into the cable it shows as being connected.  But it’s not recognized by the computer.  Device manager shows an unknown system but can’t repair it.   “My computer” doesn’t see it. 

What OS? Windows 7? Vista? XP? Is it showing up in the device manager? Maybe a driver issue.

Windows XP, drivers have been deleted and reinstalled but still not recognized.

Ok had same problem.

turn  on mp3 and go to settings, go to msc and select, then connect to computer, go into my computer and it should show in list removeable disk and also the Sana logo, click on that and it should come up with the list of what you can do with your mp3 player. Open your music files in windows explorer and drag into the Sana music file, once it as copied onto the mp3, disconnect the link from the player. Go to music on the player and then to play all and you should in theory have sound. I phoned the Tech support people in London this morning, got the above instructions from them, this as worked for us, so thought I would write in full what I had to do, hope this helps and good luck.

I SWEAR I’ve done this before!  But this time it actually worked.  Thanks for the suggestion. 

I have the same problem with a Clip that’s a little more than a year old, but mine was completely dead before I tried to recharge it, and my computer sees it but doesn’t recognize it and won’t charge it. Since the battery on my clip is totally dead, it won’t turn on, and normally when I charge it the screen lights up and says its connected, but now it’s not doing anything.