Clip not recognized by computer

It makes the “dun-di” sound, but doesn’t show my Clip in “My computer”- it only did this when I got a new (still old, made about 2007-8) computer.  i can’t even install the new firmware, let alone music.

Start with this Knowledgebase article :smiley:

You could also try switching the USB mode to MSC (Settings > System Settings). That should allow your computer to see it as just another storage drive, rather than a musical device which needs to be ‘managed’.

Of course, any music files that were added to it if it was in the other mode (MTP) will not be visible when connected in MSC. The player doesn’t care; it will see and play them regardless, but you won’t be able to see them when connected to your computer.

Avoid the Auto Defect setting; this is more trouble than it’s worth.