Guitar backing tracks vs regular song listening

I use my Clip mp3 player for 2 things currently.  I run guitar backing tracks thru my amp and jam to them for one; and then of course the rest of the time I use it for listening to regular music.

Question: Is there a way to keep these separate, so that I don’t have to listen to backing tracks when I don’t want to and when I’m playing guitar to backing tracks, I don’t want to have to skip over regular songs.

I tried organizing everything in nice tidy folders, but that doesn’t seem to work.  Is that what a go-list can be used for?  Can I have multiple go-lists or something?

There’s only one GoList, but you can create multiple playlists on your PC (the GoList is just a ‘quick and dirty’ playlist you can make within the Clip itself) and transfer them to the Clip. Read the Clip owner’s manual for instructions on creating playlists with Windows Media Player, or use the forum “Search” feature to find tips on making playlists with other programs.

You could put your guitar backing tracks in the audiobooks folder, then they won’t show up in your song list, or play when you have the player in shuffle mode. You would access them via the audiobooks submenu.

I think the audiobooks folder works great for my guitar backing tracks.

Thank you!

That’s a great idea:smiley:.

I use my clip with a Korg Pandora PX-4 (guitar preamp/efex/headphone amp and tuner in a package a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes).

It’s a great combination plugged into headphones, guitar amp, the home stereo or PA system.

I also like to play along with my own backing tracks. Let me know if you run into any problems using it this way. Skipping ahead??

I will try putting some backing tracks in the audio book folder and see how it works.

Organizing with folders is a good start, but if that’s not cutting it, creating separate playlists could be the solution. Most MP3 players, including Clip, allow you to make multiple playlists. You can have one for your regular music and another for your guitar backing tracks. This way, you can easily switch between them without the hassle.