GoList - what's it's purpose?

Hello, I just got my Clip yesterday and am loving it majorly but don’t understand what the “GoList” is for.  Couldn’t find it in the user manual (or the online one either) so if someone could explain what it’s for, I’d much appreciate it.  Also, I just found this forum and am pretty jazzed about ripping CD’s directly to the player as opposed to the drag & drop method, as explained in that other thread here. 

Edit- Nevermind!  I found another thread with my answer. 

btw, I’m using a different pair of 'phones to listen to my Clip and it sounds even better than with the other (cheaper) pair of earphones I was using. These are full-sized headphones so I look kinda silly listening with them on and hooked up to such a tiny player, but it sounds cool!!

I do have another question - is there a thread here where anyone is posting the songs they’ve got on their player? 

np: Say It Isn’t So - Hall & Oates

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what use would a song thread be? the on the go list is seriously lame… go to the feature request link add your name there…
and for the bookmark feature request

The GoList is a playlist that you can create on your player.  You select songs while they are playing, and they are added to the playlist; you also can delete songs from the list, again on your player.  You only get one GoList.  It is partially described on p. 14 of the printed manual.

I guess the idea is for you to be able to keep a playlist of your favorite songs or songs you want to remember for whatever reason, while you are “on the go.”  Hence, the name.

“You select songs while they are playing, and they are added to the playlist”-- only while they play… so lame

FWIW … I record Internet radio streams on my Clip, and find the GoList useful for “remembering” songs I want to purchase.

PromisedPlanet, that sounds like a great use for the feature. 

One other question: how the heck do you access the “GoList” once you’ve added songs to it? 

Under Music/Playlists.

Under Music/Playlists/GoList.

PromisedPlanet…how do you record internet radio streams onto your Clip? 

There are a bunch of different software programs that do this; I use StationRipper.  Just put your Clip into MSC mode, and then set StationRipper’s output directory to [drive-letter]:\MUSIC.

I never save any of the songs I rip.  If I like one, I buy it from amazon.com.

I will probably stop recording directly to the Clip, though, now that I know it has a relatively short screen life.  At least until Sandisk releases a firmware version that lets you shut off the screen while connected to USB.

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Though actually, now that I’ve found out that the Clip’s screen life is relatively short, I may no longer record directly to the Clip.  At least until Sandisk provides a firmware version that shuts off the screen while connected to USB.