Go List

Just read the user manual for my clip.  I see how to add to and delete from a ‘go list’ but no explanation of what a ‘go list’ is or why I want one.

The Go List is a playlist that you can generate directly on the Clip, rather than with WiMP or any other application on your PC.  There are two new modes for the Go List:

Basic operation.  In any filter mode- Artists, Albums, Genres, choose a song.  The currently playing song can be added to the Go List by pressing the bottom (menu) button, then “add to my go list”.  As you listen to individual tracks, continue navigating and adding songs. 

You can speed up this process if you wish, by going to Settings > Press and Hold > Add Song to Go List.  The press to hold function was magically modified  in the 1.01.20 firmware.  Now, to add a track that you like, to the Go List, simply play the song, and hold the center button down for one second.  “Added to Go List” will pop up.

To play this “on the go” Go List, navigate to Music > Playlists > Go List.

And now for the cool part, advanced operation, thanks to our SanDisk programmers.  Regardless of your “Press and Hold” setting, you can also generate a playlist on the fly, while listening to a favorite track the whole time.  You don’t need to listen to the individual tracks (though the quick review is nice, as I can’t always recall the names of favorite tracks) while building your Go List.  Navigate (remember, what’s currently playing won’t be interrupted) to Songs, and your entire list of tracks will be listed (long list!).  Scroll up and down, and simply press and hold on any track you wish to add to the Go List.

Here’s the sneaky part: this “on the fly” mode using the Songs selection method automatically uses the Press and Hold function, regardless of your personal setting, for the Go List.  I prefer to use it for “Add to my Library” for saving Rhapsody Channel tracks to the Sansa.  During the Go List function, the button control is temporarily redirected.

Try it out!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Great and simple explanation and instructions–should be added to the manual!  :wink: