Not finding an answer in search. Little help re. Golist/Play lists/Folders

I’m a technology challenged old geezer with a new Clip. Been using Windows Explorer to make folders on the Clip and move various MP3’s to it from the computer. What I’m needing to do is simply create a folder (is this the Golist feature?) where I can drop specific MP3’s and be able to select just that folder to play in a continious loop, ie. 6 songs in a row then repeat. The manual isn’t much help in this regard. TIA 

The Clip accesses files by tags, not folders. Tags are for example, title, track number, album, artist, and genre. If you want songs to be grouped together, they could be given the same album tag(then you could choose that album to play), or give them the same genre tag(then choose to play that genre), etc.

The player also has a playlist feature, although that can be a bit tricky to use.

If you want to choose songs to be in a group that have different album, artist, and genre tags, then on the player you can use the go list feature  to add songs to the go list. Then you can choose the go list and play it. Another way to play a group of songs is to assign them each a 5 star rating, then choose play highest rated.

There is a free program mp3Tag that will help you edit tags. It has functions for editing the tags in groups of files at a time.

The Sandisk Sansa Fuze supports accessing songs by folders or by tags. Perhaps the Clip might be given the ability to navigate by folders or by tags in the next firmware update? Until that happens though, users of the Clip are forced to deal with tags.

Thanks. I think I have it working like I need to. Any chance there’s an up to date users manual/discussion somewhere? I’m finding menu options that aren’t menioned in the 1.0 users guide, Updater still on;y offers v1.0.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an up-to-date manual.  You can look through the notes to the updated firmwares and that will describe, albeit briefly, the changes over time, generally.  It’s the only thing there is, unfortunately.