Play one song only?

Hi.  I have a Clip+ 4GB.  I have a number of files in the “music” folder, and I would like to be able to play ONE file without the player automatically moving to the next, or repeating (i.e. play one file, then nothing).  Is this possible?  Thanks much.

Give each song a separate album name and play that album

Give each song a separate genre and play that genre.

Put the song on the go list then play the go list. delete the song from the go list, then add a different song when you want to play just that one.

put each file in a separate folder, then use folder mode to play the folder.

Those are 4 was to play just one song then stop. There are probably others as well.


Ah, the files I had didn’t have Album info, but the manual explained how to add it to the files, and it worked just fine.  Thanks much.