Fuze won't turn on, trying to reset no help

I attempted to plug my one month-old 8GB Fuze into my work computer (Dell, Windows XP - same as my home computer), it turned itself on for a few seconds but did not connect to the computer. It then shut itself off and I haven’t been able to turn it on since.

I’ve tried resetting by holding the “on” button for several seconds, but no luck. It doesn’t even light up when I plug it in to my home computer.

I’d appreciate any helpful suggestions!

update: I’ve exchanged my Fuze, but will leave this up since it’s already helped someone else out at least!
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The soft reset feature can take about ten seconds or so.  Press and hold the power / menu button.  Hold the power switch in the up / ON position.  If you have sensitive phones on, you can hear the “click” as it resets.

I have recovered from tests via the reset function, and the Sansa can take a wee bit of time to restart (SanDisk logo displayed), usually 10-25 seconds, as the saved status file is read.

Give the soft reset a longer try, and see if the Sansa responds.  Then plug in to your USB port.

Bob  :wink: 

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Thanks for the response, Bob. I probably should have mentioned it in my original post, but holding the reset buttons for much longer was the second thing I tried. I tried again just for the hell of it, still no response at all.

I think Bob said to press and hole both buttons! (Press and hold the power / menu button) for 10 sec. to reset it.  Then plug the unit in for charging…George

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That’s how I read his comment, too :smiley:

Thank you bob… i just got my Fuze yesterday, and this happened.

I scared myself.

It works now, but i left the usb in, it still works and nothing was erased/ corrupted.

For the Fuze, like the Clip, the power switch should be held in the up / on position! 

Sorry about that, the e200 series employs the menu button as the power switch.  I switched forums.

The Fuze’s power switch slider is rather short, a bit “hidden” in the side of the device.  (Hard to get with my big paws!) Hold that wee beastie “on” for about 10-15 seconds for a reset.

I’d love to reconfigure the menu button as a power trigger too, as it’s quite convenient…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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thank you for having a post on this forum about this problem. I’ve had my 4 gig fuse for a little under a week. I plugged it into my comp shortly after listening to it on the run and it did the thing described in the original poast. after searching the ing for an obvious reset button, I found myself disappointed. now I know the reset proceedurre and I’m happy to be listening to music again. thanks once again.


my sansa is completely dead like i havent touched it in awhile but what happened was i was in art class i took it out of my pocket to listen to it and it was already on and it had a white screen and it wont turn back on resetting doesnt work it wont connect its like a bug ball of sansa suck so does anyone know what to do?

That happend to me today in art class too. I was really afraid that I won’t be able to listen to my tunes for a long time. Plus I was bored in art class. Thank you everyone!

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Thanks for the tips and it works after my 4G Fuze shut down when I am listening to some music.