Fuze won't charge

I plug me Fuze into my computer to charge it and leave it for a few hours but it won’t charge! It was at 65% when I left it and I came back and it was at 56%. I have my USB mode set to MSC because MTP doesn’t work. I am really starting to hate this thing.

Also when I put the hold button down and hold the middle button and plug the USB cord in it says to release the HOLD button to turn it on the it shuts off. the lightning bolt does show up too.

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Do you have access to a wall charger or car charger? Are the problems you are having on the same computer that you were talking about in your other post? If it is then you may have an issue with the usb ports. If you are using front USB ports try the back. Sometimes the front ports dont put out enough power to charge.

Well, it charges sometimes. I managed to get it to 84%, I’ll try the back USB ports. I usually have in plugged into a USB hub that came with my desk

Dont Use the Hub… For anything Fuze related… I have not heard it said out right but these are a PITA with the fuze. I tried it with My hub, not recognized, no charge, and my Pc almost froze. I think it has to do with the power drain that happens from the USB port to the hub. This is just my opinion, based on what happend to me.

Thanks :smiley: I never thought of trying the back ports :smiley: now it charges fine. you are extremely helpful :smiley:

fyi: none of the “solutions” were work for me, but…

The main problem I was having was that it would not charge via USB

This DID work for me:


  • started having similar problems with my Sansa Fuze 4GB
  • main issue: would not charge via usb connection
  • my OS is: winXP sp2
  • I had turned off (i.e. changed to ‘manual’ start) a service named “Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework” (prog is: WudfHost.exe)


  • restarted the service and *presto* it immediately started charging again

* be sure to change service ‘start’ to “automatic”

…If someone else wouldn’t mind, please explain start/stop services for those that don’t know.

THX and Good Luck!

i plugged it into a usb hub that was connectect to a power cord but not hooked up to the computer will this effect it at all. i had it plugged in for like 3 hrs into a hub hooked up to my computer but it did not charge, actually it went from 1/2 roughly to 10%. so i plugged it into the hub not hooked up to my computer just a power bar and it charge a bit after being plugged in for 13 hrs. when it’s plugged in it is showing close to 100% sometimes and then when u unplug it it says it is at 10. right now it is saying the same it is when not plugged in a little less then half and that’s weird. i charge it for a 14 hrs and it richt where it started. does the lightning bolt need to be one the screen for it to charge? i see it there when i first plug it in, but then it dissapears. i am starting to think that the indicator is messed. i will try one of the back ports and see what happens. but if any one has any suggests i would like to hear them.

Your hub may not be providing enough power. Plug the cord directly into the computer.

i think i figured out the problem. i ran it on what the thing was saying 10% all day. i think the indicator is just not working.