fuze stuck after refreshing media

screen is fronzen on music screen after refreshing media when starting up. Can’t move anywhere else (settings, etc). Was working and then stopped. Thinking back I remember clicking on  fix errors when plugged into computer last time. Have tried

soft reset many times

deleting music

formatting disk from windows 7

I’ve downloaded sansa updater but updater can’t download firmware file 1.02.31 (failed to download selected file…try later)

So I’ve downloaded the updater sb file to manually update it. I put it in the root directory but it doesn’t load on reboot. It freezes on music screen after refreshing media. I’m asuming that it’s not getting to the point of seeing the updater in the root directory.

I can see/eplore the drive in windows so I think the OS is somehow corrupted. Is there a way to reinstall the OS on this Sansa Fuze 4GB mp3 player? Or someother fix? Thanks

Manually re-install the firmware. The Updater won’t “re-install”, only update is it sees an older version on the player than the latest available. The firmware _ is _ the OS.

Go to the firmware thread and look for the MANUAL FIRMWARE UPDATE and the All Regions link. You need to download a .zip file, UNZIP it and drag over the unzipped file or folder. 

If you can’t get a connection, then hold down the << or center buttons while connecting.

Are you sure your Fuze is Version 1?  You can also try installing version 2.03.33 . Version 1 and version 2 are different hardware versions and the  firmware will only install in the correct device.